5 spots for autumn foliage near Seoul

South Korea – a place dear to my heart as I did Korean language classes in university and did an immersion semester with Yonsei University! (I bleed blue!)

Now it is almost autumn, one of the best times to be visiting South Korea for its beautiful autumn scenery and amazing weather. This trip was done end October to mid November 2016, colder weather (think below 10 to 0 degrees) but beautiful red autumn leaves everywhere.

I stayed at the Millennium Hilton Seoul – a quick 10 mins walk from Seoul station and had beautiful views of the Namsan Park from my room window. Waking up to this sight every day was a huge plus that lifted the spirits! With that, I will be doing up a quick list of places you can consider visiting if visiting in Autumn!

  1. Namsan Park

The park adjoining the its more famous neighbour – Namsan tower where the love locks are, Namsan park is radiant in autumn. It is a nice stroll from the park to the tower in the distance and the cold weather makes it good exercise!


Namsan Park


Blowing in the wind


Of reds and yellows

 2. Changdeokgung (Palace)

Changdeokgung has beautiful palaces and structures from the past but what makes it even more beautiful is its huwon (secret garden). Take the option to visit the huwon and be entranced by the lovely autumn foliage there. We saw many couples taking their wedding photos here as well!


3. Garden of Morning Calm

A short subway ride away from Seoul into Chuncheon, the garden of morning calm is home to a large variety of plants. Roses, Cacti, Vines..all in one place for your viewing pleasure!


3. Gangchon Rail Park

Also located in near Chuncheon, the rail park is a 5 mins walk from its nearest subway station: Kim Yu Jeong station. Purchase of tickets is through a booth in the front and you dont have to wait long before you turn! Pedalling through the countryside on your rail bike, you get to enjoy the nature of the place and the beauty of autumn!


5. Baegundae peak, Bukhansan Mountain Range

This last one is not easy to go up but extremely rewarding when done! The entire process up and down took us 5 hours (inclusive of the time spent at the top eating our kimbaps!)

Lost some of my pictures in when I upgraded my phone set 😦 so I’m sharing what I had posted on Instagram!


Stairs at the start/end of your climb!


Mid climb break! Can you spot the squirrel?



Near the top!

With so many places to choose from, where will you be visiting this Autumn? 🙂

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