Skiing on Threadbo, Australia

Growing up and still living in a country without 4 seasons, we took the opportunity to have our first attempt at skiing when we headed down under in June last year!

We followed a tour for a 2 day ski pass with Oz Snow which had a shuttle bus bringing us up the mountain. The bus took off from Sydney at 540pm on a Friday evening, reaching our accommodation at Jindabyne past midnight. This is inclusive of the fit of your skis, boots and outerwear.

My friend and I got a room to ourselves – a relieve as we came up with a very noise group of people who were content to sing and yell themselves hoarse the entire 6 hours up the mountain. Not so good for everyone’s head and patience. As the bus left at 830am the next day, we knocked out soon after.


View from our resort at Jindabyne

We took away breakfast on the bus and were soon speeding towards Threadbo mountain! On the bus, we were putting on ski boots so that we could clip them on to our skis once we got off!


Base of Threadbo

I went for lessons to one side of the mountain dedicated to beginners and then we were on our own! There is a beginner slope which my new found friends in the beginner class and I went for, taking the chair lifts up. At the start, everything was scary – unused to the speed, the fear, the pain of falling. I had a tendency to fall on purpose once i felt was going to fast initially but then got better as I got used to it!

The tour came with a meal ticket so make sure you collect your ticket before you get off the bus as chances are, you will not be able to locate your tour guide in the mass of people.

Leaving our skis along the railings, we will then walk in our boots along the bridge to the River Inn where you get music, food and drinks!


Railings where we left our skis


View from the bridge

It snowed once when we were there, made for an amazing sight! Other times, the snow was slightly lacking on the mountain. A few rounds on the slope and you hit ice! It was a great experience but go early so you get the first few rounds on snow!



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