SIM Cards in Greece

In Greece, there are 3 main telecom companies – Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind. Cosmote has the widest coverage and faster speeds, hence also slightly more pricey. Wind’s coverage is fairly limited but also has the lowest priced options. We chose to go with Voldafone – middle of the table for coverage, price and speed but good enough for us since we were using data for Maps, Instagram and WhatsApp mainly.

Walking into the Vodafone store to ask for a pre-paid sim, the plan they had to offer, and the one we bought was 15 euros for 8GB, good for 30 days. It was WAY cheaper with more data than my post-paid mobile plan back home. You will need to have your passport on hand as they needed passport details from one of the group.

Vodafone caters to phones using standard, nano and micro cards so no need to fret no matter the phone you are using. Very quickly, we had our sim cards activated and ready to go! Took a picture of our numbers just in case we got lost but then decided to just WhatsApp call if we ever got lost!


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