6 things to do in Paros

6 things to do in Paros

    1. Enjoy a leisurely Greek breakfast with a view. We had our first Greek breakfast at Cosa Cafe Cocktail Bar – a quaint beach front shop that had beautiful interiors! We recommend the Greek Yoghurt with Fruits and Honey (delish!), along with the breakfast sets that always come served with bread!


      Greek Yoghurt with Fruits and Honey

    2. Visit historical sites! We stayed along the main road from the Port and saw signs in brown historical sights up the steps on a hill so we made the trip up and saw  the Frankish Castle made with ruins from what used to be the temple of Athena!

      Wall of the Frankish Castle

    3. Lefkes Village: A beautiful village preserved with white washed walls and doors with all shades of blue. Cats roam around freely and walking down the cobble stone roads is a surprise at every corner. Be sure to check out the Church of Agia Triada and have a frozen yoghurt to help with the walking!

      Picturesque streets everywhere!

    4. Visit Anti-Paros. Paros has a smaller island just 10 mins ferry ride away. More rugged in beauty but amazingly picturesque from all angles, we did random stops around – a church, a hill, a field..etc just for pictures! Check out Anti Paros Cave, chill by the beach and enjoy a seafood lunch by the port!
    5. Church of a hundred doors: Ekatontapiliani in Greek, the church of the 100 doors dates back to 326 BC and assumed founded by the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (ruled 306-337), Saint Helen. This church does not have 100 doors but a worthwhile visit to see how the Greek Orthodox church looks like on the inside!
    6. Dinner along the port! Sunset along the road from the port is beautiful! Enjoy the sun as it dips over the horizon as restaurants along the road spring into life opening outdoor umbrellas and placing lit candles on tables to create an amazing atmosphere. Not picky on food, take your time to browse until you find somewhere you really like.

      Sunset Dining in Paros

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