Anti-Paros: of beaches, caves and food

We woke up at 8am and took the time to explore the area where we were staying:


Beachfront in the morning


Road Signs


Church near where our place

After walking, we decided to eat at Cosa Cafe Cocktail Bar for its quirky interior. It even had travel quotes hanging on the walls that were right up my alley! If you find yourself eating at Cosa Cafe, head to the back of the cafe and explore the roads behind it. They have a quiet charm – cobble stone roads with dark blue doors and flowering trees along the alleys.

We planned to visit Anti-Paros and Lefkes village today so off to the car rental we went! Now, we rented a manual car – to the horror of the drivers in our midst who have not driven manual cars in a while. Greece drives on the other side of the road from where we are so it was one more unknown in the mix. But first things first, we needed to get petrol.

Used Google Maps to get us to the nearest petrol station, only for it to re-route us to another as we passed it. That caused some confusion and made us wonder how petrol stations in Paros looked like. ‘We did not see any petrol stations did we?’  Well, rest assured if you are driving, you should be able to see a Shell or a BP in  their signature colours along the road. (YAY) -> our reaction when we finally saw the Shell station.

Ferry to Anti Paros

Anti-Paros is not too far away but the ferry that goes there leaves from the port of Pounda, on the western side of Paros. This is not the same port you disembarked at from the ferry when you came. The ferries that go to Anti-Paros are local ferries so no advance booking is done. Instead, go to the dock to get your tickets, ferries leave every 30 mins so you will not need to wait too long before the next one leaves. We paid a total of 12 euros for 5 adults and a car one way!

Anti Paros Cave

Driving to the cave was a long winding road of ups and downs! But the view we got to was rewarding! We parked along a slight incline and worked out way up to the entrance of the cave. It is 5 euros per person and we were soon going down the steps into the cave! The cave is not too deep but remember that if you reach the last step, you will have to climb your way back up to the entrance from the last step as well!

Some parts are slightly low, so do take care or you will end up with a knock on the head like yours truly.


View after parking


Inside the caves!

After we explored the caves and did our exercise, we were for a joy ride and ended up at a beach. The cool waters made a difference in this warm weather and we spent some time – looking for pretty stones and skipping stones into the water while enjoying the cool breeze.


beach in Anti-Paros


is this stone not pretty? (excuse my chubby fingers!)

Next up was most definitely food! We were hungry and a bottle of beer sounded really good. We ordered seafood, because we were on an island and really, what could be better on an island?! Food was amazing, I was thinking that my stomach would be miserable going home because of all this indulgence it was doing now!


Grilled Octopus


Seafood Pasta and Fried Calamari

Soon after lunch, we decided to head back to Paros, where we would enjoy Lefkes while the sunset so back we went!

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