Lefkes, Paros Island

The beautiful island of Lefkes is on the other side of the island from the Parikia port and is about 20 mins by car! We had rented a car to do Anti-Paros in the same day so we used Google Maps and were soon on our way! If you are not going to get a car, there are other options such as the public bus and taxi!

Bus 1 from the port takes 30-40 mins to Lefkes Village while a taxi will get you there in 20 mins for about 12-20 euros depending on the traffic and time.

We parked a distance away from the village and made out way down to the village and saw that there were multiple shops there – a salad place, a pharmacy and a coffee place. Now Lefkes is known for being a white-washed village. Meaning that its walls are white (or mostly white), with splashes of colour coming from doors and awnings around.

We spent a few hours here walking down the streets of white interspersed with brilliant blue doors. Flowers and plants are another common feature, giving the village a wonderful calm vibe. There were not too many people when we went and we enjoyed the quietness of the place to ourselves.


Picturesque streets everywhere!

We stopped for frozen yoghurt somewhere while walking to the church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) and it was amazing! We took the greek yoghurt and strawberry flavours and they were fresh, light and so tasty! I went back looking for the name of this place but realised that I did not take a picture of it so do let me know if you see it on your travels!


stopped for Fro-Yo

We went looking for the church of the Holy Trinity and found it after a few twists and turns on the road, as well as seeing a good number of cats around. The thing about the Greek islands, cats are EVERYWHERE. Also, I need a mental ruler in my head, my pictures are so not straight!!! Okay  moving on..


The church the Holy Trinity

Get lost in Lefkes, there are many beautiful alleys and street corners, not just the ones that were captured. Souvenir stores selling the evil eye and other greek items are commonly found too, for your shopping pleasure!

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