5 sights in Santorini (Day 2)

We rented a car after dinner the day before, so we started our second day in this beautiful town with a road trip around the island!

1. Pyrgos village

About 8km southeast of Fira! A beautiful hillside village that reminded us of Lefkes in Paros but bigger and had way more to see!

We started out upward climb with stone steps that led us up to beautiful Churches of white and blue. Give yourselves a few minutes just taking in the view and snapping away at the scene.

Church in Pyrgos

Church in Pyrgos


Architecture in Pyrgos

Beautiful Doors in Pyrgos

Architecture in Pyrgos

Pyrgos has more to offer! Walking past the church, you will get to a flat look out which offers a view of the Oia, Fira and beyond! Our views were partially covered by the clouds which rolled in while we were having breakfast but it didn’t stop us from sitting by the ledge and just enjoying the sight that lay beyond us. We ended up at a cafe just left of the road up where we enjoyed coffee!

Clouds over mountains!

Clouds in the distance

2. Akitiri

A place we stopped while on the road because it overlooked a beautiful Bay Area. We were looking for a place to park for a while and were this close to doing something not too legal when we changed upon a parking spot near this lovely scene!

What’s next is walk down and loads of picture taking.


Beautiful Akitiri

3. Red Beach

As it’s name suggests, Red Beach is a beach made out of red pebbles! Upon parking, you will have to walk up a trial before making your way down a perpendicular trial to where the red pebbles and beach starts!

Red Beach, Santorini

Red Beach from the top of the slope

Red Beach

Red Beach, Santorini

4. Akrotiri Lighthouse

The weather was so hot that day so think hot sandy wind while we made our way up to the lighthouse.

Views are worth it though, so head down to enjoy the view or to take snapshots of the view!

Akitiri Lighthouse

Akitiri Lighthouse


View from Akitiri Lighthouse

5. Oia

The must-visit place wherever you land in Santorini! We visited this late because we wanted to enjoy sunset here.

First things first, make sure you go for ice cream at Lolita’s Gelato (pistachio ice creammm!) and do a sport of shopping at Atlantis Bookshop where we parted with fair bit of money while there.

Walk the caldera view roads and (try to) get unobscured views of the caldera before quickly booking yourselves in for dinner at a rooftop bar where you can enjoy the sunset over food and drinks.


Postcards in Atlantis


Caldera In Oia, Santorini

Have you put these 5 places into your Santorini itinerary yet? If you would like more details of the places listed here, click through on the headers!

See you there!


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