Fira, Santorini: Greece (Day 1)

We took a ferry from Paros to Santorini – a 3 hour ride in total which we spent playing board games! We learnt from our previous ferry ride to Paros and got on board early! We managed to a seat on the inside near the cafe and were very happy about that.

Soon, we started to near Santorini and soon, the announcements came through the speakers in both Greek and English for us to prepare for disembarking. Coming out of the ship, we soon found ourselves along a crowded street with people touting food, transportation and other services on one side and the public bus interchange on the other.


View from the ferry as we started to near Santorini!

My friends and I then started asking for prices from the port to our accommodation in Fira, Danas Villa. There was the option of a bus, renting a car and driving our way or to get a driver to bring us there.

The bus option would have taken us twice the duration as compared to a car and we would have had to bring our luggages around so we dropped the idea and thought between driving ourselves and being driven there. More questions about packing places came along and it was not before long that we were deciding a price for someone to bring us to Fira.


View enroute to Danas!

Danas Villa is located on a cliff in Fira overlooking the Aegean Sea. Dozens of steps down later, we found ourselves in a beautiful reception area, giving us a fantastic 360 view of everything around us. Everything around us was resplendent in white against the cliffs!


On the way down to the reception!


View from the reception!

Now, I didn’t take pictures of the inside of the villa because we ended up running excitedly around and it quickly became messy (ooops) hahahha but Dana’s villa is lovely! They called the room in advance to say that they were sending up wine and desserts. (How nice is that!)


Local white wine and Greek dessert!



We had really good weather too! Dana’s villas has a pool which overlooks into the sea so we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon baking ourselves in the sun and swimming 🙂

Now, while we were browning nicely in the pool, the nice guy at the pool bar (Frankie) came over and mentioned a really nice rooftop bar which would have a really nice sunset – To Briki

We didn’t have a reservation so we decided to shower up and head there early to beat the walk in crowds. By the time we got there, the indoor seating area by the windows were all taken up and we were left with the outdoor balcony areas, which were fine by us!

The food at Tor Briki was good but expect fine dining portions and prices in Santorini. We had a group of 5 so we shared platters thinking they would be slightly bigger than the portions that arrived.

Sunset however, was amazing. You could see how the whole horizon lit up and the moment where the sun dipped beyond. Highly recommended place for food, drinks and most of all, sunset watching!


Santorini Sunset


Lights against the dark of night

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