Kohima – India

Last December, I found myself in India for a god friend’s wedding! 2 different receptions in 2 different cities – one was a quaint church wedding at Carey Baptist Church in Kolkata, the other an Aor tribal wedding in Dimapur, Nagaland.

Different cities and totally different atmosphere but the warm hospitality was the same everywhere we went! Food was amazing – Briyani, Momo and Chai were our staple in Kolkata while Dal (Lentil Stew) was our main dish in Nagaland.

After the wedding reception(s), we had a chance to head up to Kohima – home to the Hornbill Festival (runs from 1- 10 December every year)  which is an annual showcase of the different Indian tribes and their customs. In the two days we were there, we saw tribal dances, sampled traditional food, shopped for handmade craft and saw bamboo stilt races among the tribes! Up in the cool mountain air, the fog mixed with folk music gave the place a distinct character.

The drive up from Dimapur was about 3 hours on rough and bumpy roads. If you intend to go up, best to get a 4-wheel drive so that your bum doesn’t feel every stone on the road. We went up on a sedan car and could definitely feel it – you might have to prepare some meds if you do get motion sickness as the roads do wind especially as you go up the mountains. The roads do get better nearing Kohima and as you head up to the Hornbill Festival. You can get more details and the full schedule here.

Pictures from the Hornbill Festival below and do reach out if you have any questions!

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